Approach to Physics

Welcome to the Physics part of the BMAT Ninja Training Temple. We've got notes for everything you need to know to do really well in the Physics questions of Section 2, and they're all written in a way that teaches you the topic if you don't already know it. If you've done the topics before, our notes will be a great source of revision notes and examples, with full explanations so you can see the quickest methods of tackling the questions.

The Official Section 2 'Assumed Knowledge' Guide

In 2014, the Admissions Testing Service, in collaboration with CGP, published a free, online guide to Section 2. This 400-page behemoth contains revision notes (in the style of CGP books) on all the topics that you might be tested on in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. If you're unfamiliar with this excellent resource, you should definitely check it out - here's a link to the step-by-step instructions for accessing it that the Admissions Testing Service have put together -

We would suggest using their guide (referred to as the Official Guide) alongside our notes. Between the two resources, you'll have everything you need to do really well in Section 2. Our Physics tutorials on the most common topics go into more detail, and explain things more fully than the Official Guide. We do not, however, have particularly detailed notes on the topics that were added to the specification last year (astrophysics, doppler effect etc) - those are very well covered in the Official Guide, but as we say in the 'Common Topics' tutorial, those should not be a priority in your revision.