Body language makes up a large proportion of communication with a person. You can tell a lot about a person or how they feel from their body language towards you. In this video an overly relaxed Michael tells us about his biggest strength. 


You probably know this already, but “open” body language is obviously better than “closed” body language. So please don’t fold your arms, don’t be hunched over, don’t compress yourself into the smallest space possible (a common tendency of shy people).
Instead, display your abdomen and chest (sounds weird, we know), take up space on the chair that you’re sitting in (though don’t take the mick with this) and just generally be OPEN.

Michael displays various types of poor body language throughout the video:

Sighs - this makes him come across as though he has just been disturbed, almost as though he does not care to give an answer but is only doing so because he is being made to.

Crossed Arms - this is very closed body language. It feels like he’s putting up a barrier between himself and the interviewer and gives the impression he does not want to be there.

Shoulder Shrug - this follows on with the notion that Michael does not care to be there. It makes him seems unfussed about how he comes across and as though he has too much of nonchalant attitude to the situation.

Slouching in Chair - although harmless in normal situations, in an interview this may give the impression he is disinterested, unmotivated or not really believing in what he is saying. 

Examples of good open body language include:
  • Sitting up straight
  • Open uncrossed limbs
  • Not tapping foot or fingers
  • Looking at the person you are talking to 

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