Introduction to the Fundamentals

Before walking into that interview room, there are a few things you must know and actively do if you want to secure that elusive place at medical school. Doing well in the interview isn’t as hard as you’d expect, but interview success stems first and foremost from honest reflection, and then in setting out an awesome plan of action. 

From the outset, you should realise that the selection process for future doctors is not subjective – in fact, medical schools try their best to be open, objective and fair. The GMC carefully regulates how medical schools give out offers, and selection criteria will take into account the qualities needed in a doctor as set out in their guidelines. Importantly, throughout your interview preparation, you should be completely aware of the qualities, both personal and academic, as well as professional attitudes, that both the GMC and medical schools are looking for. From there, you need to tailor your responses and experiences to those qualities. Honesty and reflection is key throughout the interview preparation process - you must focus on your strengths, and identify weaknesses you need to work on.

In this section we’ll introduce you to our Magical 3-part Method for interview success. Enjoy!

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