The Magical 3-part Method for interview success

They key to doing well at interview is to make the interviewers like you.

If the interviewers like you, they will give you a place at their medical school. If they don’t like you, offering you a place will be a struggle. It’s still possible (e.g. if your grades are so amazing that they don’t want to turn you away despite not liking you particularly), but the whole process is so much smoother if they like you.

How do you get an interviewer to like you? Glad you asked.
There are 3 ways.

1. Know your stuff
2. Show them the qualities they’re looking for
3. Come across as a nice, friendly person

We’re going to be tackling these 3 topics throughout this book.
We’ll start with a very quick overview (a syllabus, if you like) of the ‘stuff’ you should know.  

We’ll then talk about how you can demonstrate the qualities they’re looking for - that involves (a) knowing what the qualities are, and (b) making a database of experiences to tick those qualities off. 

Finally, we’ll talk about how to come across well at interview, with tips and tricks littered throughout the whole course, along with a dedicated section on Communication Skills which you’ll hopefully learn something from.

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