BMAT Crash Course - Workbook 2018 by Ali Abdaal

BMAT Crash Course - Workbook 2018

The 200-page companion to the BMAT Crash Course


This is a printable PDF of the 200-page A4 workbook that we give students on our classroom courses. It contains all our strategy for Section 1, extensive revision notes for Section 2 Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and our guide to Section 3 with lots of marked example essays.

Honestly, I don't think there's much point in paying for this. All the material that's in this book also appears in the BMAT Ninja Training Temple (£29). In fact, BMAT Ninja has even more stuff in it because we didn't want to waste too much paper when printing the book.

This is only available here as a printable PDF because we've had a few emails from (mostly international) students who were happy to pay extra for the ability to easily print out the notes. 
BMAT Ninja

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Ali Abdaal

I'm a Cambridge University medicine graduate, now working as an FY1 junior doctor. On the side, I run a YouTube channel with loads of videos aimed at medicine applicants, and I've been teaching courses for the BMAT, UKCAT and Interviews for the past 5 years.