Ali Abdaal

I'm a Cambridge University medicine graduate, now working as an FY1 junior doctor. On the side, I run a YouTube channel with loads of videos aimed at medicine applicants, and I've been teaching courses for the BMAT, UKCAT and Interviews for the past 5 years. 

Interview Crash Course Online

The online version of the 6med Interview Crash Course. Video tutorials on how to tackle all aspects of the interview, from common questions to weird questions, medical ethics. 
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BMAT Crash Course Online

In this course, I teach you everything I know about the BMAT and how to maximise your score. Since I created the 6med BMAT Crash Course in 2012, I've taught over a thousand students in classrooms across the UK, Singapore and The Netherlands. Now that I've graduated from Cambridge University and have started working as a junior doctor, I don't have the time to physically teach on weekends anymore, which is why I've created this online course to guide you through everything you need to know to do well on the BMAT. Obviously, this course is not a magic bullet. You'll have to put in a lot of work learning the content and doing past papers. But if you're serious about the BMAT and work through this course, you'll learn the best techniques for tackling the questions in Section 1 and Section 2, and some great ways of maximising your mark on the Section 3 essay.
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UCAT Crash Course Online

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